Be sick in style: original air sickness bags

Many airlines are transforming air sickness bags from something boring into things you actually want to photograph and share with friends.

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OSTEND: How about a weekend at the Belgian seaside?

Most people will agree: the Belgian coast is ugly as hell. The coastline is spoiled with tower blocks made of doubtful architecture. So is Ostend. It used to be one of the most beautiful European coast cities with the most wonderful Art Nouveau, but due to a building boom in the eighties not much of that is left. In the nineties, Ostend was a city to avoid. But now it’s coming back. New charming initiatives pop up everywhere. Even most Belgians haven’t discovered them yet. But when visiting Belgium, why not spend a weekend in Ostend?

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BRUSSELS: great food for people with little time

If you have been strolling around in a Brussels museum, shopping in the Rue Dansaert or trying Belgian beers for too long, and you realise that the theater show you’ve bought tickets for is about to begin and you still have to eat: don’t worry. There are plenty of places in Brussels where you can get great food without having to spend your entire evening in the restaurant. Off course, you can go to a typical Belgian ‘Friterie’ of ‘Fritkot’ (a list with the best ones will follow), but the world is so much bigger than Belgium. So here are some traditional cuisine restaurants from all over the world where you can eat without wasting time.

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