BRUSSELS: The most unexpected romantic places

Sure: you can always surprise your partner by renting a horse and char to drive around the city, organising a picnic in the park or to propose in the Ferris Wheel during the annual fancy fare, but let’s be honest: we’ve all done that before and are looking for something new and unexpectedly romantic. Here’s our 5 tips for unexpectedly romantic spots in Brussels.

brussels-is-love1(picture: brusselsislove)

Parking 58

“I love you so much, let’s go to a car park!” I can imagine you might find this phrase very unromantic, or that you at least suspect shabby proposals, but the rooftop of Parking 58 is a genuine romantic hotspot. The number has a mythical meaning for people living in Brussels: 1958 was the year of the world exposition, and the start of an area of innovation and wealth.

2603128153_559e1c3de3_o(picture: flickr)

The views are amazing. You’ve got a true 360° overview of many historical buildings. Often, when the weather is nice, many people mount to the top floor (10th) to have drinks, laughs… or kisses.

Parking 58: Bisschopsstraat 1, Brussels.

The Brussels Cemetery

The Brussels Cemetery is not just an ordinary graveyard. It was designed in English park style and it is divided in many lanes, parks and courtyards, making it a real Necropolis. I agree, everybody’s dead, but this does not mean you can’t stroll around enjoying the monumental graves of the rich and the famous of Brussels’ 19th and 20th century bourgeoisie. Most spectacular is for sure the monument for the victims of the battle of Waterloo by Lalaing and the tomb of the famous French painter Jacques Louis David.


Tram 44

It is a teenage lovers thing to sit at the back of the bus, kissing and holding hands. Passed the teenage years few people associate public transport with love and romance. That’s a pitty, because Brussels has at least one unique example of public transport romance: a tramway ride through the magnificent Sonian Forest.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 20.41.38(picture: instagram)

Your voyage starts at the Montgomery station. First you will pass the ponds of the southern Brussels communes and the tramway museum, but the best part of the tramway is for sure the reserved track through the forest. For several miles, there’s nothing around you but trees. It’s amazing in every season but in wintertime, when it has snowed, it’s extra-magical. At the terminus, you’ll find the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren that is currently closed for renovation, but the amazing museum park with ponds, surrounded by the forest is definitely worth a visit for all romantic souls.

The Brussels Harbour

“Darling, I love you so much, let’s make a boat trip and check out some scrap metal.” Okay. I can imagine you had something different in mind for a romantic weekend activity, but give it a chance. When you make a tour on the Brussels Canal, you’ll see a lot of metal. Scrap metal mainly, but with a certain beauty. The trips you can make start at the Quai des Péniches and go until the Flemish city of Vilvoorde. Alongside the canal you’ll mainly see a lot of old industrial activities like a scrap company where old metal is piled up. Depending on the state of the metal, you’ll see a broad pallet of rusty colours.

14596833175_62b9243928_k(picture: flickr)

But that’s not all of old metal you’ll meet along the way. The Buda Bridge is a vertical lift bridge built in the fifties and is a unique reminder of the industrial past of the city. With a little bit of imagination, you can discern two figures reaching out to each other in the pillars that support on the banks. This might be the perfect moment to reach out to your love interest with a piece of new and shinny metal. 


For all info about boat trips in the Brussels harbour: check this link.

The green promenade

Few people, even Belgians, know that Brussels is one of the greenest capitals of Europe. There are many parks of course, but even farms with pastures. For a couple of years now, there’s a route that connects all the green spots at the borders of the city. You’ve had it with traffic jams and busyness of the city center? Don’t hesitate taking a walk following the green signs that take you to some greens spots, that you’d imagine only at the countryside.

13511673843_f0d9011bbd_o(picture: flickr)

In total, the Green Promenade is about 63 km long. You can choose to either walk or cycle parts of the circuit, that will take you to places like the Sonian Forest, the Royal Parks, swamps, historical buildings and plenty more. 

All info about the Green promenade via this link.

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