On board of the KLM ‘Welcome Dreamliner’ flight

KLM, the flag carrier of The Netherlands, has received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. To welcome this state of the art airplane in the fleet, they organised a special welcome flight for aviation fans. We were on board!


Why is a Dreamliner so spectacular?
Okay, for al non-aviation geeks out there: let me explain why an aviation lover gets so excited by the Boeing 787.

  • The airplane is 40% more quiet, so it will be a lot easier to sleep.
  • The windows are 30% bigger, so you have a better view on beautiful planet.
  • There is special ‘mood lighting’. Thanks to this, you’re less jet-lagged upon arrival.

Other than that, a 787 is much lighter than an average airplane which makes it more environment friendly and… It simply is so beautiful.


The goodie bag
Yes, there was a goodie bag.


The goodie bag contained

  • A copy of the KLM inflight magazine
  • Sunflower seeds (at KLM they give airplanes a name, and this first Dreamliner is named Sunflower)
  • A bottle of water
  • A sandwich with typical Dutch ‘Beemster’ cheese
  • A very euh… nineties hat
  • A Dreamliner safety card
  • A leaflet with information about the 787
  • Special 787 gummy bears

M8T_dUHEiqjj6kaW94AV8MvOuHtdSWv6ZnXtAE58mYsfoto (7)

I really loved the gummy bears.

The cabin
In economy class people can enjoy a seat with 40% recline, which is more than on ordinary planes. But KLM featured the cabin in a 3-3-3 model (three seats, aisle, three seats, aisle, three seats). However it is a wide-body plane, seats ar rather narrow.


KLM introduces the new World Business Class on the Dreamliner. With 16 inch inflight entertainment screens, direct aisle acces for every seat and star chef cuisine.


The flight
The Welcome flight only took one hour, but the KLM team did their very best to entertain the crowed during the entire flight. Starting with the distribution of a petit-four, created by Jacob Jan Boerma: the chef that also makes the business class menu.



Following on that, we got an orange juice and a special 787 white wine. A South-African Sauvignon Blanc.


After the meal service a special quiz was organised. One giant scale model would be offered to the winner.


The quiz was really funny. All passengers were asked to stand up. The crew asked questions via the PA and always gave two options. People who picked option one were asked to wear their KLM-hat (that was in the goodie bag), if you picked option two, you did not put up your hat. If your answer was wrong you had to sit down and you couldn’t win the scale model anymore. They kept on going until only one passenger was left.


I may not forget to mention the fabulous view. During the flight, the plane only went to 2.000 feet instead of 10.000. Flying so close to the ground gave us a great view on The Netherlands.

After landing
Next to the parking spot of the 787, KLM parked an old DC-3. A good occasion to see how aviation evolved during recent history.


Bottom line: I went home with a large smile on my face. Thank you KLM for this wonderful experience.


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