Hotels: make your Wifi free!

I’m in New York at the moment, and if you look at some of the most expensive hotels in town like The Intercontinental on Times Square, Warwick Hotel or Marriott Essex I am so surprised when I see they charge you money for the use of Wifi. In 2016.


The Roger on Madisson Ave. Thank God with free Wifi!

Seriously, these hotels cost up to 400USD a night and all have 4 or 5 stars. And the cost for the use of Wifi can go up to 14USD a day. I wonder how these guys explain this to their guests.

McDonalds offers free Wifi in all their restaurants. Is it okay that a 5 star hotel offers less service than a fast food restaurant? I think it’s not. That’s why I never stay in hotels if they don’t offer free Wifi. I rather pay a bit more for my room and have the use of internet included in my fare.


Hotels do a good job making acces to the Wifi easy. No pop-up screens where you have to insert difficult passwords everytime you open your laptop. The smoother it goes, the happier the customer, the more likely to give a good review when they’re on the internet anyway.


2 responses to “Hotels: make your Wifi free!

  1. You are so right! It’s unbelievable that there are still four and even five star properties which charge for Wi-Fi. Luckily, it seems to change. I never had issues with my last ~50 hotels stays in the second half of 2015. Let’s hope 2016 will make it free everywhere 🙂

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  2. I completely agree! There are many SPG and Hilton hotels that charge for Wi-Fi. You need to have a good level in their membership program to enjoy it for free. I hope that hotels will change this soon!


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