5 non-cliché citytrips in Europe

Off course we all love Londen and Paris (kudos to people over there), but the truth is: these kind of cities are expensive and most of us have already been there. So let’s go to some places who might not be number one on Tripadvisor, but are certainly worth a visit.

Lyon, France

Lyon is the second largest city in France and definitely worth a visit. The entire city center is Unesco world heritage, so needless to say it’s beautiful. Along the waterfront there is a large car free zone, perfect to stroll around and to pick nick. There are museums, shops, restaurants, … Everything you need, but minus the millions of tourists you see in Paris. So hurray for Lyon.

Gothenburg, SwedenIMG_1835

If you’ve ever heard of Gothenburg, it’s probably because the big Volvo factory is based there. Gothenburg has a lot more to offer though. It used to be a industrial city, but since shipping activities in Gothenburg have decreased, the former ship-yard district (Eriksberg & Lindholmen) has been transformed into a zone with restaurants, cafés and theaters. Right outside the city, you have the Gothenburg archipelago: a few islands accessible by (cheap) ferry boats. Google ‘Gothenburg archipelago’ and we don’t even need to explain why you need to see this.

Bilbao, Spain


Picture by Julian Ocòn

Thanks to the Guggenheim museum, Bilbao is a must-see for all art and architecture lovers. With a charming city center, nearby nature and nearby beaches Bilbao has everything for a perfect citytrip. Tapas and cocktails are not only delicious, in Bilbao you’ll find many places to enjoy your food and drinks at attractive prices.

Hamburg, Germany


Picture by Zoifotis

Like Gothenburg in Sweden, Hamburg totally made the switch from industrial city to Hipsterville. In the old town you’ll find plenty of nice little cocktail bars. According to local media, Hamburg is the city in Germany with the highest amount of singles. So single travellers: you know where to go!

Riga, Latvia


Picture by Rolf Piepenbring

Riga is a metropole for Art Nouveau lovers. There are plenty of streets where one art nouveau building is standing right next to another. Other than the beautiful architecture, Riga is bursting with young potentials. Fancy bars and restaurants open every day all over the city. Some people like to call it the new Berlin, although Berlin is the one and only Berlin: Riga is definitely worth a visit.


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