Fly in style: these are the most lovely airline uniforms

Every airline claims to have stylish uniforms, but let’s be honest: most of the time it is just a boring custom-made suit in navy blue with a white shirt. Some carriers go way below, but some airlines still surprise with high couture high in the sky.


At first sight, it might look very classic but these uniforms are hot. The shapes are elegant (look at the wings on the jacket, by the way), they have leather gloves and surprising elements such as the collars of the shirts.


XiamenAir mixes nostalgia to ‘the good old days’ of aviation with very contemporary fashion. It’s also one of the only airlines who didn’t only think about female cabin crew members, but actually did an effort to dress up the men too. Good job!


The Australian airline Qantas relied on Martin Grant to design the uniforms. The Paris based Australian designer did a great job. Combining warm red with fresh fuchsia and elegant shapes are a great succes.


The Finnair uniforms couldn’t be more Scandinavian: it’s simple yet fascinating. The way it reflects the sky, the small details in different designs and the restful colours make Finnair uniforms recognisable in every airport.


The original colours, the elegant design and the surprising patterns make me have one word for the Etihad uniform: classy. If you see these people walking trough an airport, you want to be on their flight. Great work from the Italian designer Ettore Bilotta.

Brussels Airlines

Belgian is well known for fashion design, and with this red dress the Belgian flag carrier Brussels Airlines lives up to this reputation. The dress was designed in 2012 when Brussels Airlines launched it’s route to New York. It’s such a lovely design that doesn’t look like a uniform at all.

Singapore Airlines

The ‘Singapore Girl’ is so much more than to look of Singapore Airlines, it has become an icon. Singapore Airlines is the only airline in the world still using the exact same uniforms as in 1968. Not because new uniforms are too expensive, but because the Singapore Girl is so classy it still works.


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