Be sick in style: original air sickness bags

German low cost carrier Eurowings posted a picture on Instagram, bragging about their air sickness bags. Humour is a personal thing, but you can definitely say they made an effort in designing an original one.


If you think this is a bit rude, look at the sickness bags of HLX, a low cost airline now merged with TUI fly.

Effie †bersicht.indd


Once again: humour is a personal thing, but it is a good marketing idea to upgrade your air sickness bags from something boring into something people actually want to photograph and share with their friends. Here is the effort of the Icelandic low cost airline WOW air:

I sincerely hope you never reach the competition price of WOW air. A little bit more gently is the approach of Brussels Airlines:


Picture: Instagram

Then there are airlines who don’t have the intention of being funny, but are hilarious. Like Yeti Airlines:


It’s quite straight forward and very clear even to people who can’t read. Yet still: hilarious if you ask me.

You might know EVA air has a special Hello Kitty aircraft.  And what did you expect? Yes: they have Hello Kitty air sickness bags!


Picture: Pinterest

Have you seen any funny air sickness bags that are not in this list?


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