BRUSSELS: The most unexpected romantic places

Sure: you can always surprise your partner by renting a horse and char to drive around the city, organising a picnic in the park or to propose in the Ferris Wheel during the annual fancy fare, but let’s be honest: we’ve all done that before and are looking for something new and unexpectedly romantic. Here’s our 5 tips for unexpectedly romantic spots in Brussels.

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BRUSSELS: great food for people with little time

If you have been strolling around in a Brussels museum, shopping in the Rue Dansaert or trying Belgian beers for too long, and you realise that the theater show you’ve bought tickets for is about to begin and you still have to eat: don’t worry. There are plenty of places in Brussels where you can get great food without having to spend your entire evening in the restaurant. Off course, you can go to a typical Belgian ‘Friterie’ of ‘Fritkot’ (a list with the best ones will follow), but the world is so much bigger than Belgium. So here are some traditional cuisine restaurants from all over the world where you can eat without wasting time.

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BRUSSELS: exclusive places to dine

If you’d ever be in Brussels and need to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend with a very romantic dinner, don’t panic. Brussels has many romantic small restaurants. Even better news: Brussels might nog be the highest ranked city in the Michelin-guide, the Belgian capital is a top location to find very good foor for a very good price, just under the radar of Michelin. But sometimes you want your dinner to be just that little bit more. Let’s list some very exclusive places in Brussels.

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